Purchases of road tickets by foreigners

Hello abroad !!!

In this post we are announcing a page that realizes the sales of road passages in Brazil.

For convenience Brazilians have to make purchases through the internet through a personal document called CPF (Personal Registration), but for foreigners, the passport number is not accepted by the system, for example.

Unfortunately the purchases of foreign road tickets have to be made in person at the Box Office of the Road Terminals.

The bus companies that hold these ticket sales systems online are not prepared for sale to foreigners due to the SECURITY factor, since the CPF document is a guaranteed form of ticket sales. There are few bus companies that have English versions.

We took advantage and gave a PRINT on the page to spread the word. Apparently it is safe environment and uses PAY PAL system and international credit cards.

An important note in this post is that depending on the displacement within Brazil it pays to go to a nearby city to complete the route. We will list some tourist destinations for your convenience:

Destination Paraty (RJ) - Best to land in Rio de Janeiro and direct to the city's bus station and make purchase on the site in advance. It is closer to Rio de Janeiro than to São Paulo.

Destination Lakes Region of the State of Rio de Janeiro - Cities like Arraial do Cabo, Buzios, known as the Brazilian Caribbean. Leaving the airport go to the bus station with your reservation at the bus company in advance, with a margin of error between disembarkation in Rio, airport and bus route and exchange of the reservation for the tickets.

There are plenty of destinations to list here, but we'll leave it to another post, including tips for using public transportation within tourist destinations.


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